What does Keymailer do?

Keymailer makes it easy to send out game keys to YouTube, Twitch and Mixer broadcasters, content creators and influencers. Keymailer also provides tools for you to track the results and expand your game’s outreach.

How does Keymailer work?

Keymailer lists games coming out in a way that works for broadcasters and content creators, giving them time to plan coverage and engage with the publisher, developer, or PR. We do our best to ensure every game is listed so no games miss their time in the spotlight.

Steam games are added automatically. Console games and other platforms can be added manually

Publishers, Developers and PR can then see which channels are interested in taking a look at their game, what games those channels feature, and real-time audience stats for those channels.

Keymailer’s free distribution tools will then deliver game keys to those selected channels, confirming delivery and clip the content from YouTube, Twitch, Mixer and Twitter. This VOD and Livestream content is also added to the influencer’s profile to show the great job a channel is doing to support publishers and developers, and make it easier for others to support those channels in the future.

Who can use it?

Anyone publishing, developing or working on digital games for PC, Mac or console.

Is Keymailer really free to use?

Yes! The complete workflow of checking out who’s interested in your games, sending keys, and clipping coverage on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer and Twitter is completely free. You can even recycle unused keys to send out again!

How does Keymailer make money?

Keymailer offers ‘value-add’ features and campaign analytics designed to expand outreach, increase engagement, and quickly identify the best-performing channels for your games. We also offer advertising placements for increasing visibility that can be booked directly through your dashboard.