• What does Keymailer do?

    Keymailer started as the first tool for PR professionals to validate creators and influencers, then email them encrypted game activation keys.

    In the following five years it evolved into an international, interdisciplinary team that designs, builds and manages a system to facilitate comprehensive engagement between creators and influencers of all kinds.

    We do a lot more than mail keys, but we are still Keymailer!

  • How does Keymailer work?

    Developers and publishers add listings for games they want to promote to influencers and creators. 

    Creators can check out listings and request games to play on their channels. 

    Publishers review creators making requests, looking at things like their views, followers, preferences, and coverage history and decide who to offer games to.

    Keymailer securely delivers game codes to creators and automatically tracks coverage for your campaign.

  • Who can use it?

    Anyone publishing, developing or working on digital games for PC, Mac or console.
  • Is Keymailer really free to use?

    Yes! The complete workflow of checking out who’s interested in your games, sending keys, and clipping coverage on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming and TikTok is completely free. You can even expire offers with unused keys to send them out again!

  • How does Keymailer make money?

    Keymailer offers ‘value-add’ features and campaign analytics designed to expand outreach, increase engagement, and quickly identify the best-performing channels for your games. We also offer advertising placements for increasing visibility that can be booked directly through your dashboard.