• How do I set a game up correctly on YouTube and Twitch?

    Your game needs to be set up BEFORE content creators can livestream it. 

    YouTube - add your game to with a DVD-style packshot image. YouTube uses this for populating the game description that shows underneath video content.

    Twitch - you need to set up your game on IGDB in order to get a Twitch category. Go to IGDB, click on "Games" and then "Add Game". Here you fill out all of the information about your game and also upload the Game Cover. As soon as you save it, Twitch will add the category for the game in, which usually takes up to 2 weeks. Once it has been added in, you can link the Twitch category to your game on Keymailer. 

    Please note: If you don't have a Twitch category we may not find any coverage that's made on Twitch. Full details can be found here.

  • I don’t want people requesting one of my games. Can I disable requests?

    You can edit and manage all your listings, including disabling requests, adding game platforms, pre-approving channels, etc.

    If you don’t have a Keymailer account and you see a game listed with something wrong, or requests shouldn’t be enabled, talk to whichever of your colleagues at the publisher, developer or agency who manages the listing. If you cannot identify who that is, contact us for assistance.  

  • Running a Beta?

    Keymailer has a special set up for games in beta. Before you add beta keys to your game, contact us!
    We recommend we create a new  listing of the game and identify it as a beta. You can supply any copy, images and video you want. This has a number of advantages...
    1. You can specify when the beta is running from and to.
    2. NDAs and e-sign agreements can be added to key offers
    3. If the AppID is the same on the final game or the beta doesn't update automatically, the system won't prevent you sending another key 
    4. The content tags can be migrated from the beta to the full release
    5. You can do multiple betas and update creators for each event.
    6. Beta listing can be set up as public or by Invite Only