What does Keymailer do?

Keymailer simplifies working with content creators. YouTube and Twitch influencers can request a game key from you. You check their credentials against a live database, then send them a game key and details of the tags you want used at the click of a button. You can also source influencers that are most likely to want to cover your game and offer them a key. Keymailer tells you when a key has been used, clips all coverage for your game on YouTube and Twitch, builds campaign reports and tells you who has been most influential for your game.

Who can use Keymailer?

All Steam publishers and developers have an account ready and waiting on Keymailer. These are pre-populated and can only be claimed by an authorised person with an appropriate company domain email address. PR agencies can also sign up or be assigned access to use the tools on a game-by-game basis.

Why is Keymailer in beta?

Keymailer is a completely new set of tools built specifically for working with content creators, online broadcasters and live streamers. The tools and features have to be able to work on scales previously unthinkable for a traditional press office, so our beta program allows us to test and optimise the system under load. Also, the more people that use it, the more useful the tools and features become for everyone.

How much does it cost?

Keymailer is free for game publishers, PR agencies and developers while it’s in beta. You will be notified ahead of the beta period closing. Post-beta, our intention is to keep game requests, due diligence features, key deliver and coverage clipping completely free and charge for ‘value add’ features. All publishers and developers taking part in the beta are encouraged to participate in a consultation.

What are the credits for?

Credits are simply a mechanic to restrict promoting games beyond the expected duration of the beta period.

The email linked to our account is no longer valid. How can I retrieve the account?

Email us directly on and we will update your account with a valid email address.

How do I claim our company account?

Complete the signup form at http://account.keymailer.co/signup and our admin team will check and authorise your account. Please note: If you don’t sign up from a company domain email, we may require additional information from you to verify your account.

We have multiple publisher and developer accounts on Steam. Can I link them?

Yes. We can either link them together or assign access to different individuals. Contact us directly on for help with this.

Can more than one person in our company access the account?

Yes. Once your account is activated, you’ll be able to add additional users for access to all games or assign users to specific games.

Someone else in our company has claimed our account. How do I find out who that is?

Email us at and we will resolve this for you.

How do I know they are genuine influencers?

Every YouTube and Twitch influencer that signs up to Keymailer goes through a full accreditation process. This is a bulletproof way of confirming they are who they say they are and provides the metrics to demonstrate their relevance and influence specifically to your games.

Can I contact them directly?

Not during the beta. We are conducting a consultation with influencers using the system to establish a framework and preferred methods for contacting them, their commercial teams, network or agent.

Can I copy the list of people in the database?

There’s little point. The database of influencers is constantly updating with viewer figures, stats, gaming interests, activity, newbies, etc. The point of Keymailer is to make it simpler to work with YouTubers and Streamers, not harder.

Who do I contact for commercial deals

Network and agent contacts will be listed on each influencer’s profile. This will be built out following the beta consultation. In the interim, please email

If I send a game key, do they have to play it?

No. It’s important to remember that in most cases YouTube and Twitch content creators only feature games they or their audience enjoy playing. If for whatever reason they don’t want to feature a game, they are under no obligation to do so.

I’m releasing DLC. How do I know who to offer it to?

One of the major benefits of using Keymailer is you can identify who has the base game so you know exactly who to offer subsequent DLC to.

Can I send game keys to everyone?

The influencers listed in Keymailer can block companies from contacting them and spamming will quickly lead to blacklisting. We can advise on ‘best practice’ for reaching the widest, most suitable audiences, and we have a number of mechanics to aid discoverability. Please contact us at for help.

Why do I need to provide official game tags?

Tagging is what makes social media work. By providing these tags rather than leaving people to make up their own is the most important way of ensuring your games get found.

How do I change the game details?

When you update game details, images, release date or hardware requirements on Steam it is automatically updated for you on Keymailer.

My game is on Steam, but it’s not listed on Keymailer. Why is that?

Only games with a release date that has been set to the standardised format on Steam (DD MMM, YYYY) will appear on Keymailer. Occasionally some of the publisher settings will prevent the game from appearing. If this is in error, contact us at to resolve.

What if my game requires specific hardware?

All hardware requirements are listed on your Keymailer game information page if it’s listed on Steam. Additionally, if your game has a VR feature, you will be able to search for influencers that own or are interested in VR.

I’ve run out of game keys. What do I do?

Either upload more by following the ‘Add more keys’ links, or you can choose to recycle unused keys where people you’ve sent them to haven’t activated them and agree to send them back. These will be collated for you to send out to a new list, respond to requests, or you can withdraw them completely from the system.

I want to keep my game live for longer than a month. What do I do?

Email us directly on and we’ll add more credits to your account.

A piece of coverage isn’t correctly tagged. Can I remove it?

Yes. Flag it for review and that piece of coverage will be audited to ensure it has the right tags. Be aware that a content creator may tag a video with multiple games if there is sufficient content relating to a specific game, despite not being the main focus.